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HOW TO BUY AT AUCTION - Passenger & Commercial Vehicles

You can find a large variety of cars available to buy through our weekly auctions at our operating locations. In addition to these auctions, many Manheim locations offer vehicles for immediate purchase through BuyNow or through online timed auctions, called BidNow. New auction catalogues are available online each week and all vehicles are available to be viewed in person at Manheim operating locations. Check our locations page for viewing days and times.


Buying at auction doesn’t need to be daunting. Just follow these steps:


To bid online, you must register as a National Member prior to auction.

Login to Simulcast, our online auction portal, via the website or the Manheim Simulcast app. Then select the appropriate auction and start bidding.

If you are successful, you will receive your invoice via email, this is confirmation that you have won your item and payment is required.


If you’re bidding in person, you must complete a Buyer Registration Form available in the foyer or online for 'Consumers' or . You need photo identification to register and will receive your Buyer Number upon registration.

To place a bid, you must raise your Buyer Number or hand to gain the attention of the Auctioneer.

If you are the highest bidder, you must pay a deposit. Please go directly to the Deposit Clerk desk in the lane to make the payment.


You must provide your billing details in order to place a bid on a BidNow listing or to enter a Simulcast auction.
A deposit will be applied automatically to the selected payment method upon the successful purchase of an asset via the BidNow or Simulcast sales channel.

The deposit amount will vary depending on sale price:

Sale rice Deposit
$1 - $500 No deposit taken
$501 - $10,000 $500 or 10% (whichever is greater)
$10,001 and over $1,000 deposit

Invoices are automatically emailed at the conclusion of a sale.

Please allow 24 hours for payment to be processed. Once funds are cleared you will receive a tax invoice with a zero balance indicating that your item is ready for collection. Please call us if you have not received a zero balance tax invoice 24 hours after making payment.



You can collect your item once you have paid in full and the funds have cleared. You must arrange collection of your item by 4pm the business day after auction ends, otherwise late fees will apply.


  • It is illegal to drive an unregistered vehicle. You can obtain an Unregistered Vehicle Permit through any vehicle registration office and most of our sites. Check with Manheim team members for more information.
  • You can bid online via Simulcast for our Passenger & Light Commercial vehicles.
  • If books are indicated in any stage of the selling process, this does not necessarily mean they contain the service history. Books merely indicate that some form of instruction manuals may be available.

    It is recommended that you inspect the books and accessories prior to the auction commencement to ensure you are aware of what is available.

    Collect log books and accessories, where available, for up to 7 days after your purchase. Books and accessories will be disposed of if not collected.

  • Some vehicles are available to purchase for a fixed price without having to participate in auction. Vehicles available will be clearly identified or ask a Manheim team member for assistance.
  • Buyer Fees apply to all vehicles and assets sold at Manheim. Details of applicable buyer fees can be found here as well as on site, in catalogues and at cashiers.
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